Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the difference between a Chambers and a Locum Agency?

The Chambers Model is relatively common outside of Primary Care many professionals use the chambers model notably Barristers and Secondary Care Consultants.

Agencies are typically commercially focused organisations with Shareholders interests determining decisions. There are a number of distinct differences between a Chambers and an Agency, these include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • GPs are paid directly by the practice. This is the Surgery’s responsibility. This is because we do not charge a percentage margin on top of the GPs rate like agencies do.
  • Legally Chambers are an entirely different entity. There are various laws Chambers have to abide by that are not so much of an issue to agencies specifically competition laws.
  • We offer full administrative support. We are not simply co-ordinating bookings.

What are the benefits for surgeries sourcing GPs via a Chambers?

  • Increased likelihood of securing GPs– GP Chambers have access to vast networks of GPs, hence the likelihood of securing a GP via a Chambers is significantly greater than if you were attempt to reach out to GPs known to your practice.
  • Reduced Administration – Primary Care Medical Chambers (PCMC) onboard large portions of the administration associated with booking locum GPs including collating documents, vetting GPs, booking prompts/reminders etc.
  • PCMC act as an intermediary between GP and Practice ensuring all bookings run smoothly and amicably. If any issues arise you’ll be able to contact a member of the PCMC team to help iron out any issues.

What are the benefits of GPs sourcing work via a Chambers?

  • Increased Quantity of Work/Unique Opportunities Available– Primary Care Medical Chambers (PCMC) have access to a vast network of practices hence there is a significantly increased quantity of work. This allows for flexibility to be more selective with shifts you’re booking.
  • Prevents Exploitation by Practices - Whilst in most cases Practices are ethical and fair, in rare scenarios a practice may take advantage of locum GPs. As a member of PCMC you will have an intermediary between yourself and the practice ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • Prevents Professional Isolation – Full time locums often cite professional loneliness as one of the biggest drawbacks of the model. Joining a Chambers allows for regular interaction with peers/colleagues.
  • Complete Administrative Support - Working as a locum GP can be as administrative as it is clinical. We offer full administrative support ensuring your time can be spent as a clinician not an administrator!