Associate GPs

So, you’ve heard of these new Associate GP roles your colleagues are working, but you’re not sure on the nuances of the ‘half-way house’ model that’s promising GPs the remuneration of a locum role, whilst retaining the security and stability of a permanent position. Not to worry, Primary Care Medical Chambers have included a breakdown of the innovative new model sweeping the industry.

The Associate GP model is best described as a midway point between a long-term locum and salaried role. Key features of the model include:

  • Associates GPs are typically working year-long assignments with the option to renew (assuming both surgery and practice are satisfied). This is to ensure continuity of care.
  • Associate GPs are invoicing the practice via their Ltd company to ensure they are remain tax efficient, allowing for a competitive remuneration package.

The Associate model is common in other industries facing recruitment issues, notably the IT industry. The model has greatly assisted the IT Industry in retaining staff, offering many IT professionals a happy medium between workload, remuneration and employment satisfaction. Those adopting the model in General Practice are hoping for similar results.

I’d like more information on Associate GP roles available via the chambers…….