The solution for GP Locums IR35 headache!

We have been speaking to a lot of GPs, Practices, OOH Providers and Health Boards who all seem to have accepted that there is no solution to the negative impact IR35 Legislation is having on the Locum GP workforce.  Many GPs now accept that whilst their workload remains the same their income will reduce, whilst many Healthcare providers accept that the cost of the workforce will increase without additional capacity being added to the workforce.

This is at a time when the GP Recruitment crisis is a major concern for many areas of Scotland, which ultimately impacts on patient care.  Therefore, we need to be discussing solutions that can increase the capacity of the workforce, reduce costs and not compromise patients care.

Locum GPs – If IR35 legislation has reduced your income or restricted who you provide Locum GP services to then we want to speak hear from you as we have solutions that will remove the issues caused by IR35.

Healthcare Providers – If IR35 legislation has increased the cost of your Locum GP workforce then we have solutions that will remove any financial liability and ensure that Locum GPs can legitimately engage either as a self-employed GP or via LTD company.

We can review any Locum GP engagements on behalf of GPs or Healthcare providers and determine the engagements IR35 status. We will be able to offer a solution for any engagements we assess and determine as falling outside IR35. This will mean Locum GPs will no longer be taxed at source and Healthcare Providers will not have the additional cost of Employers National Insurance.

This will have a significant positive impact on GP, Healthcare Providers and patients.

To review any engagement, we will require some information therefore please contact one of our Vacancy Managers and they will initially discuss your engagement and request additional information if they feel the engagement is not within the scope IR35.