GPs more likely to receive GMC sanctions than Secondary Care Doctors

Doctors have good reason to worry about GMC complaints. Receipt of a letter from the GMC informing you of a complaint can often come as a terrible shock. The whole experience can be very traumatic.

Recent data issued by the GMC shows GPs are more likely to face sanctions than colleagues in Secondary Care. The percentage of General Practitioners sanctioned or warned between 2012-2016 was listed at 0.7%, whilst the percentage of the 88,143 Secondary Care Doctors sanctioned or warned was 0.4%


Whilst shocking, it’s worth bearing in mind the public accounted for nearly 70% of complaints hence figures become slightly more understandable when considering the number of interaction with patients a GP will undertake when compared to a Secondary Care Doctor.

Statistics become more concerning when looking into compliant rates amongst BME Doctors. The GMC issued data states “GPs who graduated outside the UK were at an increased prevalence of receiving a sanction or warning.” Whilst data does not delve into specifics it’s certainly demonstrates a worrying trend. The GMC have promised to launch a ‘very serious’ review into the alarming statistic. However, with confidence in the GMC at an all-time low for many a review simply is not swift enough nor suffice with most fiercely pushing for further reforms into the way complaints are handled by the GMC.

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